Wolverhampton Lit Fest 2018

I’ve had a (very) short story published on the Black Country Arts Foundry website.  This is a really exciting project and definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in new writing from the Black Country, or new writing, or the Black Country, or … well, if you’re just the kind of cultured person who likes that kind of thing.

On the 28th January, I read out my story as part of the Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival.  This is also worth checking out, although you’ve missed this year’s, so you’ll have to wait until 2019.

It was the first time I’d read a piece of my writing in public (apart from a plea for mitigation to Wolverhampton Magistrates).  I was going to post a short clip here, but it turns out I’ve got to pay for a premium site, so you’ll have to make do with a photo.

If you’re on Twitter, check out my account @JasonDJ, where I’ve posted the clip.

If you want to read the story, click on the link above.



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